Elopement Wedding Ceremony for Dominique and Mark with Celebratewithmarg at Goosewing Cottates

Congratulations Dominique and Mark.

Such a beautiful young couple who are so much in love

and so excited about their Wedding day.

Dominique and Mark made the decision to elope in secret

But their excitement became too much and they did

Tell their family and friends, beforehand.

They still decided to Elope – just the two of them.

Dominique looked like a Goddess.

Her Wedding Gown was so beautiful and flowing.

With a row of sparkles around the waist.

The intricate lace on her shoulders was encrusted with

Sparkles as well.

Mark was a handsome Groom in his Navy Suit.

Their Wedding started with the song

“Somewhere over the Rainbow”

Their Vows contained

“I love you, you are my best friend

and partner in crime.”

Many a tear was shed, in true Love and Emotion.

And their Wedding finished with

“Celebration” by Kool and the Gang

As Dominique and Mark enjoyed their Love and Joy

By having a little dance.

What a fabulous Elopement Wedding Ceremony!!

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