The Giving Away by Mum and Dad at your Wedding Ceremony.

It was such a special part of Nicola and Matt's Wedding Ceremony when both Nicola's mum and dad gave her away. You can see that Nicola's dad and mum really enjoyed the Wedding Ceremony and there was a dad joke in there. The relaxed feel of this Wedding Ceremony gives such a lovely fun and [...]

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Lead Light Windows at 48 Watt Street Newcastle

The light was filtering through the stained glass windows at 48 Watt Street Newcastle. It was such a beautiful Wedding setting and Wedding Day for Courtney and Marcus at 48 Watt Street Newcastle. The Church is a deconsecrated Church and a beautiful space for a Wedding Ceremony and Reception, in the heart of Newcastle. 😍😍😍😍

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Courtney is such a beautiful Bride at her Wedding to Marcus @48wattstreet

Such a beautiful Bride and a beautiful Memory. It was a fabulous Wedding Ceremony for Courtney and Marcus Hainsworth And that dress and Flowers - WOW!! thanks for the photos @mattstreatfieldphotography 😍😍#celebratewithmarg #marriagecelebrant #newcastlecelebrant #merewethercelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant #elopenewcastle #elopehuntervalley #elopementnewcastle #registrystylewedding #huntervalleywedding

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The Kiss at your Wedding Ceremony

The Kiss. It is the seal of the deal. Some couples prefer not to kiss or exchange rings. The Kiss or Exchanging of Wedding Rings are not part of the legal requirements for a Marriage in NSW Australia. Its just a beautiful part of the Wedding Ceremony that most couples love. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍 thanks Matt Streatfield [...]

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Wedding Ceremony Memory in the Hunter Valley.

A lovely memory of Nicola and Matt's Wedding. There they go, hand in hand and just married. I'm looking very happy because love wins again. 😍😍😍. Thanks @mattsphotography for the great photo.#celebratewithmarg #marriagecelebrant #newcastlecelebrant #merewethercelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant #elopenewcastle #elopehuntervalley #elopementnewcastle #registrystylewedding #huntervalleywedding

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