Writing your Own Personal Wedding Vows – let me help you !!

Some people think its too hard to write your Own Personal Wedding Vows.

Let me help you!!

Writing your own Personal Wedding Vows

  1. You can have the Same Vows

You can write them together  or use some traditional ones.

  1. You can have Different Vows but agree on the length and the content

( type of promises/ stories that will be included)

  1. You can have Surprise Vows.

You can write your own Vows and read them for the first time at your Wedding.

As your Celebrant, I suggest that you send them to me. If there is a big difference

In them, (in length or content) I will tell you to chat about your Vows, with each other.

  1. You could start by asking yourself some Questions and writing down the answers.

What are the strengths in your Relationship?

What attracted you to your partner?

What do you love about them?

What do they do for you that makes you appreciate them?

What have they taught you?

What does Marriage mean to you?

How do you see your future??

Annoying traits or habits??

Funny story??

After writing down the answers, use some of this information in your Vows.

  1. You could use a format like “Promises to each other”

I promise to be …..

I promise to love you …

I promise that we ….

You give or allow me ….

We will …

  1. Vow Starters

I vow to…

Together we will ….

You make me ….

I realised that I loved you when …

You give me …

I look forward to ….

As long as you have a similar word count and agree to some similar starters you will be fine!

You can always ask the experts on
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