Renewal of Vows

A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is a perfect way for a couple to express how they feel about their relationship now, years after their marriage ceremony. It is popular to have this ceremony as part of a significant wedding anniversary celebration; amongst family and friends who have supported you throughout your marriage. Your family and [...]

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Commitment Ceremonies

As same-sex couples are (currently) unable to marry in Australia, a commitment ceremony provides an opportunity for couples to celebrate their love and commitment to one another in the presence of their loved ones. I am an advocate of same sex marriages and hope soon that the laws will be changed. I am happy to [...]

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Wedding Ceremonies

It can be difficult to know where to start when planning your ceremony. Your wedding day should be the most memorable day of your life and my commitment to you as your celebrant is to ensure your ceremony is exactly what you have dreamt it would be. Your ceremony – apart from the legal requirements [...]

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Elopement Ceremonies

If you have decided that you want to get married simply, and you don’t want a big production. I can give you advice to assist you, to plan a low key event and get married inexpensively, with guests or without guests (if you prefer!) Elopement can be a fabulous alternative to the Registry Office! If an elopement [...]

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Naming Ceremonies

For a baby or child gives parents the opportunity to give thanks for the safe arrival of their son or daughter and introduces him or her to the family and friends. It allows parents to publicly express their love and devotion to the child. It is a non religious ceremony which allows the child to [...]

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