Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of your Wedding Day

Your Wedding Ceremony is the most important part of your Wedding Day. It’s not the dress or shoes or how beautiful you look ( even though they are important) It’s the Legal part and it’s the part where you tell the one you love how much you love them, in front of your family and [...]

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Let me help you create the Perfect Wedding Ceremony

Your Wedding Ceremony is so much more than what happens on your Wedding Day. Most couples meet with their Marriage Celebrant 6-12 months before their Wedding. The Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be completed at least a month before the Wedding. We meet and I listen to your hopes and dreams for the day. [...]

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Waiting for the Bride

I love to stand with the Groom and Groomsmen to make sure that they are Zipped up and Buttoned up before the Bride arrives and the Wedding Ceremony starts. I also check that someone has the Wedding Rings haha!! Then I like to make sure that the Groom is relaxed because I am there the [...]

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Wedding on a Motorbike in the Hunter Valley

How cool are these two!! Michelle and Josh arrived on their beautiful Motor Bike with just the Panniers and everything was inside, even the Wedding Dress, Shoes, his trousers, shirt and bow tie. Such a devoted and fun couple!! It was my absolute pleasure to marry you at Goosewing Cottage Estate. Congratulations and Best Wishes [...]

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Windy Wedding At Sheperds Hill for Samantha and Jake

OMG!! look at the stance. The wind was blowing so hard at Sheperds Hill in Newcastle that I had to stand with my legs apart and knees braced. I thought that I was going to blow off the hill. There is Jake, looking so strong and steady, waiting for his beautiful Bride to arrive. It [...]

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Wedding Selfies

It was such a beautiful Wedding Ceremony for Jaimee and Ty at Tocal House, in the Hunter Valley. Nicole Butler was fabulous as the Wedding Photographer!! She even captured me taking my usual Wedding Selfie. This Wedding was so much fun and Jaimee and Ty were so much in Love!!! It was absolutely beautiful ❀️❀️

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Eliza-Jane and Tristan’s Wedding at Redhead Beach

It was such a hot day for Eliza-Jane and Tristan's Wedding at Redhead, almost 12 months ago. It was very lucky for us that there were some trees and we could share some of the shade. A beautiful Wedding for Family and Friends, and then off to Japan for a fabulous Adventure. 😍😍😍

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Stephanie and Mike’s Wedding at Circa – the Befores – unplugged, no photos, don’t upload

Stephanie and Mike's Wedding at Circa. All those last minute instructions about an Unplugged Ceremony and No Photos and No Uploading! It means that the Professional Photographer is uninterrupted in taking fabulous photos. πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

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