The Kiss at your Wedding Ceremony

The Kiss. It is the seal of the deal. Some couples prefer not to kiss or exchange rings. The Kiss or Exchanging of Wedding Rings are not part of the legal requirements for a Marriage in NSW Australia. Its just a beautiful part of the Wedding Ceremony that most couples love. ❤️❤️❤️😍😍 thanks Matt Streatfield [...]

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Wedding Ceremony Memory in the Hunter Valley.

A lovely memory of Nicola and Matt's Wedding. There they go, hand in hand and just married. I'm looking very happy because love wins again. 😍😍😍. Thanks @mattsphotography for the great photo.#celebratewithmarg #marriagecelebrant #newcastlecelebrant #merewethercelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant #elopenewcastle #elopehuntervalley #elopementnewcastle #registrystylewedding #huntervalleywedding

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Wedding Selfie

Love a Wedding Selfie!! Such a beautiful couple! So much in love. They met at her work and she invited him out on Australia Day. Three years ago. 💕💕💕💕 #celebratewithmarg #marriagecelebrant #newcastlecelebrant #merewethercelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant #elopenewcastle #elopehuntervalley #elopementnewcastle #registrystylewedding #huntervalleywedding  Thanks @azuremysteriousphotography

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Wedding Ceremony in the Secret Garden in King Edward Park

Marg performed our wedding ceremony in January and truely made the experience wonderful. From the first meeting with us she was so friendly and knowledgeable and put us completely at ease. She handled every aspect of the marriage registration and we felt so reassured with her attentive guidance. Marg listened to us about how we [...]

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Wedding Vows

Some beautiful Words to add or be Part of your Wedding Vows. It's easy to write your Wedding Vows. Contact me at and I am happy to help you with lots of suggestions, to make your Vows very special. personal and full of Love!! 😍😍

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Notice of Intended Marriage

Your Notice of Intended Marriage needs to be completed at least one month before this beautiful day - Your Wedding Day. This is for a full Wedding or even an Elopement. Your Celebrant - ME - can help you with this or you can download the from from Have Fun!! #noticeofintendedmarriage #celebratewithmarg #newcastlecelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant

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Writing your Own Personal Wedding Vows – let me help you !!

Some people think its too hard to write your Own Personal Wedding Vows. Let me help you!! Writing your own Personal Wedding Vows You can have the Same Vows You can write them together  or use some traditional ones. You can have Different Vows but agree on the length and the content ( type of [...]

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Surfing Celebrant

I’ve been practicing my Surfing skills at Byron Bay. I bought a new wetsuit and borrowed a board to have a go. A couple asked me to marry them on a Surfboard. I learned how to paddle and sit on a Surfboard and lucky for me, the Surf was too big and they were married [...]

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