Celebrate with Marg Newcastle Celebrant – Wedding Rings – The only Symbol of Love ??

As a Marriage Celebrant in Newcastle, I see many ways that a couple can show their lasting commitment on their Wedding Day. The most common way is to exchange Wedding Rings. The universal symbol of Everlasting love - the never ending circle. Did you know that exchanging Wedding Rings is not a Legal Requirement to [...]

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Unplugged Wedding Ceremony in King Edward Park Newcastle

Such beautiful young love for Chelsea and Guy in their Wedding Ceremony in King Edward Park in Newcastle. This is one of the True Joys of being a Wedding Celebrant - I love my job!! I love it when the Bride arrives and the tears of joy and love trickle down the Groom, Guy's face. [...]

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Celebrant Newcastle Winning Flowers

My beautiful friends gave me flowers as Congratulations for Winning #1 Celebrant Newcastle and Hunter Valley in the Brides Choice Awards. Amazing Michelle from Jardines Floral Designer bought the Flowers around and they were stunning!! Thanks so much to my beautiful Friends and the Amazing Michelle. I am truly honoured and grateful for your kindness [...]

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Wedding Review for Celebratewithmarg Newcastle Celebrant

I love my job as a Celebrant in Newcastle!! I meet and help beautiful couples like this and help them create a Personal and Fun Wedding Ceremony. Marg was quick to reply when we first contacted her about our wedding, she sorted ALL of the details that have to be sorted legally etc We had [...]

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I won the Brides Choice Awards for Wedding Celebrants for Newcastle and Hunter Valley

I was voted Number 1 - winner for the Brides Choice Awards for Marriage Celebrant for Newcastle and Hunter Valley. Thanks so much to my beautiful Wedding Couples for Voting for me. I was overwhelmed and honoured to be ch0sen by many of the couples whom I have married. #brideschoiceaward#celebratewithmarg #marriagecelebrantnewcastle #marriagecelebrant #newcastlecelebrant #merewethercelebrant #huntervalleycelebrant [...]

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Wedding Ceremony for Kirilly and Zach at Riverwood Downs Barrington Tops

Congratulations Kirilly and Zach on your Beautiful Wedding day. at Riverwood Downs in the Barrington Tops. The rain gave a misty and beautiful feel for your Wedding Day and the grass was even greener. The Bride wore a beautiful Wedding Dress and had three Bridesmaids and one Bridesman The Groom was very handsome in his [...]

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Brides Choice Awards Newcastle Marriage Celebrant

Thanks so much to my Beautiful Wedding Couples who voted me Number 1 as your Marriage Celebrant in Newcastle @brieschoiceawards @merewethersurfhouse The Award was for Newcastle and the Hunter Valley as a Marriage Celebrant. Iā€™m so honoured and grateful to all my Wedding Ceremony couples. Thanks so much šŸ˜˜šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’•šŸ’• CALL ME NOW TO TALK ABOUT [...]

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The Giving Away by Mum and Dad at your Wedding Ceremony.

It was such a special part of Nicola and Matt's Wedding Ceremony when both Nicola's mum and dad gave her away. You can see that Nicola's dad and mum really enjoyed the Wedding Ceremony and there was a dad joke in there. The relaxed feel of this Wedding Ceremony gives such a lovely fun and [...]

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Lead Light Windows at 48 Watt Street Newcastle

The light was filtering through the stained glass windows at 48 Watt Street Newcastle. It was such a beautiful Wedding setting and Wedding Day for Courtney and Marcus at 48 Watt Street Newcastle. The Church is a deconsecrated Church and a beautiful space for a Wedding Ceremony and Reception, in the heart of Newcastle. šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜šŸ˜

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